Blabla creates contemporary knitted dolls and accessories from natural fibers of exceptional quality, making them irresistibly soft and cuddly! Our collection is designed by Florence Wetterwald and knit by Peruvian artisans. Florence's poetic, simple and vibrant style combined with the ancestral knowledge of the knitters has created products which look contemporary, yet feel like old friends.
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We’re spotlighting some of the coolest shops making new discoveries and connections with brands on Kangaloop. 
Today we stop by Ollie & Me in Carlsbad, California and caught up with owner Cheri Schappert. With a background in interior design, this quaint shop is full of the most gorgeous nursery decor and perfect gift items for babies and mamas-to-be. Plus, anyone who’s as dedicated to customer service as Ollie & Me is gets points in our books. We invited Cheri to “sit down” with Kangaloop and talk to us about what she loves, how she buys, and got a peek into her world as a boutique owner. 



What do you love most about having your own shop?

The relationships we build with our guests!

What’s your biggest challenge as a shop owner?

Keeping things flowing in and out of the store timely!  I have a tiny space and keeping it full, but not too full is always a tough balancing act.


How do you choose inventory?

I have a background in design, so it has to catch my eye and be unique!  It also has to be easy to use, have a good warranty and be priced well for it’s category.


What makes you fall in love with a particular brand/designer?

Typically the first thing is always how it looks, second is how it feels and then how it operates.  If it doesn’t look good, it’s not going to get past me … awful to say, but that comes from years of style and design.  There are plenty of very pretty items that don’t make it past the second or third test.  It has to pass all three for me to love.  Good customer service from the company is also something I expect.  We work hard to please our guests and I like to know that my vendors will do the same.




Do you have any advice for other shop owners?

Don’t give up!  Keep looking for what works in your area.  Look to younger customers to discover trends and don’t be afraid to let someone else make choices.

What are you excited to discover next?

Just the idea that there’s something new to discover is exciting enough!



Visit Ollie & Me in Carlsbad, California
2647 Gateway Road Suite 104